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Michael Baer is a uniquely fluent, omni-channel marketer fueled by career experience and expertise at nearly every seat at the Marketing table. He has led teams and marketing organizations large and small, at global agencies, a global research and insights company, at a mar-tech start up. He’s led strategy and marketing communications development for brands from AT&T to Unilever to Porsche to LEGO. After a role serving as the first CMO at the largest privately held healthcare media company in the US, Michael is now a CMO in the Revenue Growth practice at TechCXO, a leading-edge, professional services firm that provides experienced, C-Suite professionals on-demand to deliver strategic and functional consulting services. 

He is most frequently called on by investors, Boards and senior management teams in the marketing services and healthcare industries to assist companies to develop and activate comprehensive brand and marketing strategies and help align their strategies, functions, technologies and organizations in order to generate organic growth as an interim and fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and General Manager.

Michael is expert at helping companies at key inflection points – both helping turn-around stagnant and declining brands with new strategies and approaches, and helping to scale-up fast growth organizations that have out-grown their old way of doing things.

Michael is also the developer of the concept of “Stratecution” – a new way to think about marketing in the digitally-led “new normal.” It’s equal parts business-focused, brand-inspired thinking of top-down strategy and bottom-up, nimble, improvisatory activity that recognizes the everyday realities and real-world complexities you’ll face. It’s about time these two met in the middle.

Would love to hear from you with questions, problems, projects and introductions. Send me an email at michael.baer@techcxo.com. Or feel free to book some time for a conversation.

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