It’s so easy, and oh-so natural, for us all to view ourselves as exceptional. As having gotten to where we are based solely on our merits, our unique qualities, our skills alone.

But I find it better – and more instructive – to recognize that luck is more at play than anyone cares to acknowledge. That external forces, dynamics beyond our control, play a huge role in our successes.

The dumb luck of working for the right person or the right business at the right moment. For being in the right chair as business grew, or a new position opened, or your boss got promoted and took you along. For working in a sector that boomed vs. busted. Being part of a team that had a breakthrough new product, vs. on the side where the innovations fizzled.

Recognizing the degree that luck plays in your success is helpful. Firstly, it forces you to have a bit of humility. As good as you are, there are other who are equally good – but didn’t have the same breaks. And, secondly, this forces one to have a sense of gratitude.

Be thankful for what you have – you didn’t earn it or deserve it solely based on being good. You also got lucky.

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