Marketing has massively evolved and proliferated. There are exponentially more ways to activate your brand – and it’s easier to do almost any of them than ever before. New media types, platforms, technologies, and tools arrive regularly – each promising new success.
But just because you can do them, should you? Should your business have an Instagram or Snap Chat program? Should you email every known visitor to your website with a triggered promotion? Should you start a podcast?
The fact that any of these is easy to set up and do isn’t a reason to do it. Nor is the fact that your competitor is doing it. Or that you invested in technology and want to leverage it.
Instead, be purposeful with your actions. Choose only to do things that fulfill your strategy, lead you to your goals, help to deliver on your vision. And remember that activating any and all of your activities take some amount of time, focus and attention. So do fewer things that you can’t do well, allowing you more time to invest and focus on the ones you do.
One of the most powerful benefits of your strategy is it should help define what you don’t do. So, just because you can doesn’t mean you should…

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