As I’ve said before, everyone is in sales. That’s because no matter what you do, you are part of your organization’s drive for customer acquisition, satisfaction, and positive experience-delivering. However, how a company approaches selling makes a big difference.

We’ve all likely worked at companies that are referred to as “sales-driven”. These are organizations that believe that selling is about “pushing”. Make another call, launch another email blast, push a little harder. This kind of selling ultimately fails, because it’s more about you, the seller, than it is about understanding the buyer.

Because, when push comes to shove (pun intended), selling is about empathy. To sell to someone, you need to understand them, not bombard them.

At the end of the day, you don’t, and can’t really SELL anyone on something. You can only help them choose to solve their problem with your product/service. So your job as a salesperson is to understand their needs and spark their interest in your company’s solutions that help them achieve them.

And to do that, you must care about them enough to know them and understand them. And then, build the empathy needed to serve them.

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