So many marketers and business leaders I meet define their strategy in terms of their product attributes. They rattle off the in’s and out’s of their product development, their tech specs, and how they plan to launch it at their target audience. They talk about cloud-based platforms and all manner of things “…as a Service”

But more important than what you make is who it is for. Your marketing, your product, your organization, and beyond should all begin with this critical question – who are the people who need your product, whose problems you solve, or whose lives your product makes better, simpler, cooler, etc?

Who exactly are you for? Who is this ideal customer and what is their life like? If you’re not passionately focused on understanding and solving for this, no amount of product development, performance marketing, or engineering will bring you success.

And conversely but equally important, make sure you’re clear who you AREN’T for. This clarity will also ensure that your product, your messaging, and your sales will all be relevantly delivering to those folks you ARE perfect for – and not peddling a mushy, one-size-fits-all, middle-of-the-road experience.

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