Every business wants growth. Growth is the holy grail. 

Because growth sets you apart from your category and gives you momentum. It helps your stock price, aids your ability to access talent, gives you space for innovation. It adds tailwinds to everything you are trying to do.

But “Growth” is not a strategy. Don’t set your objective as “to become #1 in our category”, “to increase our market share” or “double our turnover”. You brand mission should not be about size, scale or momentum. Because those things don’t shape your tactics, they won’t stimulate specific actions or suggest appropriate approaches. Most importantly, they don’t lead to a consistent, meaningful, purposeful set of brand behaviors, actions, and activities that define your brand and your value proposition. And that hang together over time and in the customers’ minds.

So, by all means, seek growth. Make it your BHAG. But achieve it with a purposeful strategy that guides your actions and leads you to a true destination.  #strategy#brand#innovation#marketing#growth#stratecution

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